Monday, 7 March 2011

March 7th


School, home, Oblivion. And I got a bit addicted.

*goes back to game*

Theatre tomorrow! Journey's End in Richmond, should be a laugh :)


Sunday, 6 March 2011

March 6th

Oh, Sunday. How we love you. How quickly we then realise that you're the last day until Monday.

Seriously, I am dreading tomorrow.

Or maybe I'm not. I have a Biology mock. I haven't revised. And I don't really care that much either.

So yesterday I was in France for about three hours...but it was awesome :D I bought two new pairs of jeans and some vinyl stickers for my guitar, which were:
- That yellow smiley face which is awesome
- Sgt Pepper logo
- The Che Guevara picture. Yes, I know he killed thousands of people, but it's an awesome photo.
- Abbey Road
- Albert Einstein with his tongue sticking out.

I think if I have to carry on much longer with this blog I might die of sleepiness.

Have an onion. Oh no, I've already done onions. Have a swede. Have three swedes.

Friday, 4 March 2011

March 4th

This isn't gonna be an overly long post, as I have to get up at half three tomorrow because I'm going to Lille on a trip (Y)

So, today?

Nothing really happened today.

Really the only reason I'm blogging is because I know I'll get picked up on it tomorrow.


I'd rather not have that at five in the morning. That's not cool.

Although today I watched a bit of Horizon...and am now paranoid that nothing is real.


Sleepy byes now. Happy dreaming. If you have nightmares, then happy not sleeping. I suggest learning how to lucid dream. If you can lucid dream AND you have nightmares, then happy getting rid of your nightmares. If you can lucid dream and you don't have nightmares, jump off the nearest building, fly to my house and teach me how to do it.

Cute sleeping baby?

I miss my innocence.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

March 3rd

Tired, work, calling Anthony in a bit and didn't blog yesterday because I was at the opeeraaaaaaaah.

Last two days in a nutshell.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

March 1st

The sun is shining, it's a lovely day
A perfect morning for a kid to play
But you've got lots of bills to pay
What can you do?

You work real hard and the pay's real low
And every hour goes oh so slow
And at the end of the day there's nowhere to go
But home to Avenue Q.

I was only going to post the first two lines, but then the music got stuck in my head so I had to write out the rest of the verse :D


I don't know, I just haven't been in the mood for it I guess. But March is here and I'm suddenly feeling a little more optimistic :)

Last night I decided to get changed into the clothes I wore today because then I wouldn't have to waste time getting dressed in the morning. Genius.

Also today, my beloved jeans, the only pair I really ever wear, split up the back while I was getting on my bike *sadface* But just now I sewed them up, or attempted to. I don't know how long they'll last before breaking again. I haven't dared to put them back on :)

If you're the slightest bit squeamish, I apologise in advance for the next leg of my post.

Anyone know anything about piercings?

My belly button looks like this and I'm starting to get a little worried.

Does this look infected to anyone? It's also weeping quite a bit, but the fluid is clear, not cloudy. Almost like water. It's very inflamed and can hurt when I move it. I've been disinfecting it and all that stuff and I really don't want to take it out as it's such a pretty bit of jewelry! Also I had to repierce it because it had closed up a little, which included putting a new bar in because the ball had fallen off the original bar.

Would appreciate a bit of advice!

Here's to March, and Happy St David's Day!

You live on Avenue Q
Your friends do too
You are twenty two
And you live on Avenue Q.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

February 22nd

Ok, so I have to blog now, otherwise Anthony will make me dance to any song of his choice on Just Dance 2.


So quickly, because I said I was going to bed about two hours ago:

Today, I went to my Nanna's and got mauled by a cat, who scratched my chin and ripped up my jeans. Nice.
Also today, I started making some YouTube covers before my camera ran out of battery. -___- So videos will have to be later this week! :)
Also also today, I discovered 4chan. Shortly afterwards I decided never to visit 4chan again.


Oooh! I also had a three way MSN conversation with Sarah and Anthony. Now for a phone conversation. Mwahahaha. >:)

A photo for today? Hmm...

It's a lime, bitch. Deal with it.


What was it? Was it something I said? Am I generally just not an interesting person?

Don't answer that. Just follow me. @phoebejohanne.


Monday, 21 February 2011

February 21st



So today I went to Wokingham with Anthony, Alice and Zahrah which was IMMENSE FUN.

Antics included:

Taking Anthony round the whole of Wokingham because he had never been there before and it was funny because he had no idea. Thank you to Ellie for giving me the idea (Y)
Cafe Nero with Alice and Anthony
The new sweet shop which has just opened (IT'S AWESOME, GO. NOW. I COMMAND YOU)
Brown Bag. More coffee shops, yes. And big chats with Anty about stuff 'n' shit ^_^

Then Anthony came back to my house where we watched Old Spice commercials and played Super Smash Bros Brawl and Just Dance 2.


Isn't it nice to have a big long bitch about people to your best friend?

I say it is.

Good night ^_^ ♥